Markus Leach is a Canadian entrepreneur with a successful business track record in Japan spanning over two decades.

In 1988 he established the company Aegis Enterprises, Ltd. in Japan and focused in the Event Promotions business. Over the next 5 years he organized numerous large corporate sponsored events including the Philip Morris 50's Motorshow, The Malboro Super Bike Show in Taiwan, and Dali, a collection of art works by Spanish painter Salvador Dali which was sponsored by Mitsukoshi Department Store.

In 1993 Aegis Enterprises, Ltd. shifted it's focus to Executive Search. Over the next 8 years the company prospered, assisting many major foreign based corporation's executive hiring during a period of rapid business expansion in Japan in the 1990's. In July 2001, Leach established JCI Consulting K.K.

In 1996, he also launched an independent music promotions company, Esonic K.K., which produces custom-tailored enhanced CD's that serve as an entertainment link between advertisers and their target consumers, as well as providing music focused web content and design.

Markus Leach is a native of Vancouver, British Columbia and holds a bachelor 's degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University.